Food and related topics.

The menu below is is my attempt at organising the recipes in some sort of sensible way. The css and html code was taken from Stu Nicholls' web site CSS Play.

I have a keen interest in food, as testified to by my girth. Beware of skinny coooks! This was an unintentional typo but it seemed right to leave it.

Actually I'm surrounded by people who like preparing and eating yummy food, and feel sorry for those who eat as a form of fuel stop only.

I am in the process of tidying up this site — it's been a cobweb for a long time!.

To start with the individual recipes will have their own file — what this means is that when you want to print it out you get what you want and not a large file with lots of recipes! This also makes the use of a printer-friendly version of the cascading style sheet work sensibly - you get black ink on a white background and not much else - which is what you want I hope.

Try the Spanakopita link to see what I mean, and try the File | Print Preview on your browser Press Close to return to normal browsing). Then the back button on your browser (or the left mouse button) can get you back to this page.

Many of these recipes come from Barbara Sonand, who was my mother-in-law and a really wonderful cook and person. One of the motivations for building a web site (apart from sussing out how to do it) was to record for posterity some of her recipes. And I'm sick of scrap pieces of paper! There will more of her recipes when I sort my filing system out.